KD Suite - Powerful Premium Kindle Research Software


KD Suite - Powerful Premium Kindle Research Software


KD Suite - Powerful Premium Kindle Research Software



KD Suite - Powerful Premium Kindle Research Software

( HURRY ... before the price increases without notice! )



P.S – Remember, Kindle is a true gold mine for those that know how to tap it. Many authors (ourselves included) are making healthy 5 and 6 figure incomes just from Kindle alone.

But the secret is knowing where to tap, to find the gold… and knowing how to get exposure for your new books, once they’re live. KD Suite gives you the rare insights and “X-RAY” vision to see where the gold is and how to tap it, before you even start.

And when you’re ready to publish your book, it not only makes it easier than ever to snag legit reviews…

… but also pushes your title up the Kindle ranks, using legal loopholes that most people will never know about.

No more spending months researching each niche, each competitor and each book title by hand, trying to figure out what “might” work.

No more guessing if you’ll make any money, or what kind of money you “might” make.

No more “hit and miss” keyword research from irrelevant tools.

No more endless days of trying to find reviewer’s contact details.

No more lost sales from being buried at the bottom of the search pile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this "KD Suite" software the same as the "KD Publishing Pro" software?

    The KD Publishing Pro software and the KD Suite software are completely different products.

    The KD Suite software package contains 3 different software programs used for kindle research and marketing.

    The KD Publishing Pro software is a kindle ebook publishing tool that allows you to create and submit your ebook publications to the Kindle ebook store.

  • Is this Mac or PC software?

    All three of the KD Suite software will only run inside a Windows operating system. This software will run on Windows XP up to the current version of Windows.

    BUT, there are methods to installing Windows software on a Mac computer, and we provide links to several videos that explain how this can be accomplished for free.

    More specifically, using the free visualization software VirtualBox along with the 90-day trial version of Windows 8.

  • Where do I get support?

    Please submit your support questions to our email here: kdsuite.code@gmail.com


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